When you comes to buying or selling homes in Livermore California you can count on Steve Eveleth for exceptional above and beyond service. Buyers and sellers in the Livermore housing market are doing extensive due diligence before they hire a Livermore Realtor to represent them on a home purchase or sell their home. One of the biggest "go to" review sites to check agent’s portfolio of online reviews is Yelp! Yelp you got it! Any agent that is providing excellent, consistent service more than likely has a Yelp account so always check Yelp first when it comes to hiring a Livermore Real Estate professional in your area to get the job done. Another point to consider is when an agent prides themselves on their Yelp account they may just go above and beyond keeping in mind a good or bad Yelp review can have an impact on their business!  Although there's mixed controversy on how yelp works one thing is true about yelp it can't be monopolized or rigged. What this means to the consumer is real client feedback and transparency. When choosing a professional Livermore real estate agent to handle what is for most, one of the largest financial transactions of their life do your homework and check yelp before you hire a Livermore real estate professional!

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