its crazy how much people will say and do to get what they want. I have a new drug for sale its called California Real Estate. I swear im going to write a book about the highs and lows of a real estate agent, what we really do and deal with behind the scenes that the public and our clients don't see. To be caught up between seeing the best and worst in people what they will do to get what they want and what they do and how they act when they don't get what they want. How easily buyers call me as the listing agent willing to drop their buyers agent who has worked hard for them for months if they think they have some kind of leverage dumping their hard working buyers agent they will do it in a blink of an eye. Being caught between what is for most the biggest emotional decision they will make in their lives and you need to bear the burden of their stress and get the deal done and keep it all together. One day clients love us the next day something goes wrong out of our control and they don't get what they want and its all the agents fault. The ethics and politics of doing the right thing putting that first before putting food on your table when your starving. The highs and lows of going without a paycheck for months than making 100k in one month..........waking up everyday trying to figure out where your next deal is coming from doing everything you know how to do than when your finally exhausted and considering a new career cause you've done everything you know how to do to get the next deal and nothing is working out, you spend 30-40 hrs of time working with leads only to have them drop off, change their mind or call you to let you know they appreciate your time but just found out their neighbor is an agent and they are using them instead of you.....than out of no where the phone rings and 3 deals land in your lap out of nowhere and out of those 3 deals come 3 more and next thing you know your on the high again....until....the next low of wondering when and where your next paycheck is coming from 3 months later lol...... If anyone that isn't a Realtor had any idea of what we deal with to be successful in a dog eat dog cut throat hustle that truly only the strong survive and im not talking about physically.....our business is not a physical labor job no, but mentally will break you down and take you through highs and lows like you couldn't imagine....and that is the reality of being a player in the real estate game...wanna be a real estate agent? Think you can hang?