When it comes time to choose a Realtor there are many things to consider besides the "costs" (commissions) which many get hyper focused on.

Choosing the wrong Realtor is like choosing the wrong contractor to build your house, you want to avoid that mistake at all costs!

Considering these things will help you make the best decision on who you hire to handle what for many is the largest financial business transaction of their life.
Here are 15 tips below that will help you make the best informed decision when it comes to hiring a pro.

1) Is the agent/broker local? 
2) Does the agent/broker have good online reviews (yelp)
3) is the agent/broker an established member of the community?
4) is the agent/broker active in today's market closing transactions?
5) is the agent/broker available? 
6) are they experienced, trusted, established and knowledgeable to the local Livermore market? Hiring local is one of the best decisions to make!
7) are they well taken by other agents/brokers doing business in the area?
8) do they have references from transactions they are currently working on?
9) how long have they been in business? 
10) is their license current?
12) Are they with a large well known brokerage?
13) Do they response quickly to your calls, text and emails?
14) How is their personality, charisma and energy?
15) Did they have it together, suit up, show up on time as they said?