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Steve, thank you for never giving up, even when we wanted to... If you are looking for a realtor that has your back, Steve is your guy. We found our house when I was out driving around one day and I saw a for sale by owner sign. I immediately contacted Steve and he went to work. About 4 months later (yes 4 months later) we were in our house, thanks to Steve's rapport with the owner. The owner refused to list with an agent because, "I don't trust them and I don't want to work with them." Well no offense, but I did not trust the home owner (to much money involved) so I hired Steve out of my own pocket. Wow am I glad I did. Steve stepped in and kept the homeowner and us engaged when our loan agent (not Steve's recommendation) was falling apart. On Steve's end he made this happen, complication after complication, non of which were his fault, yet he stepped up every time to correct them. If your in the Tri Valley looking for a home, especially Livermore, give Steve your business, you won't regret it. Gerald Verbeck 3/12/2015 .Also see this review on Yelp
We started off the process of selling our house with a different listing agent and it was a NIGHTMARE! While still dealing with that agent, I found Steve's utube videos. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of the market and involvement in the community. During our first conversation, Steve really listened to my concerns about continuing to trying to sell our home, a deadline we were facing with being in contract on another home and he provided realistic expectations of what the process would be if we continued. By this time my husband was totally jaded by the real estate industry as a whole, but Steve even turned his opinion around. Steve's communication, customer service and market knowledge is superb. We knew that he was in our corner and constantly had our best interests in mind. I would 100% recommend Steve to all my family and friends. Michael & Shannon Martin Livermore Ca 12/15/2014. Also see this review on Yelp
Steve recently helped my wife and I sell our Townhouse in Dublin (which he helped us by 4 years ago) and buy our new house in Pleasanton. We hope not to need his services for a long time but we will be recommending him whenever we get the chance. Of all his qualities, I appreciated his attentiveness the most. He was always available to answer questions and look into properties for us. I would say that we were not the easiest clients (mostly my wife), but Steve handled our our "issues" with patience and grace. I feel as though we received invaluable advice and were never made to feel rushed or pressured. When there was a logistical misunderstanding during the sale of our townhouse, Steve immediately took responsibility and made the situation right at his own expense. The sign of a truly customer-service oriented professional. Thanks Steve! 11/30/2014. Also see this review on Yelp! Gregg Pentony Pleasanton Ca
The Hudson's family met Steve through a mutual friend from our church sunset community church.We have lived in our previous home for 26 years.We had no experience on selling a home. Steve patiently explained the details of selling and staging the home. The knowledge of real estate that Steve has is amazing.My house in Livermore sold in 10 days and Steve made it so simple for us.The whole process was much easier than expect because Steve keep us informed daily. Steve helped us with the information needed to sell and buy a new house. I would recommend Steve because he is honest and work hard to get thing done on time . Excellent job. See this review on Yelp. Gwen Hudson 1251 Aster Ln in Livermore Ca 10/7/2014
Steve helped us buy a property in Dublin which we closed last week. It was a pleasure working with Steve. He gives you his opinion; respects yours as well. He does his research on the property and looks out for you. He is very prompt and keeps you in the loop. Highly recommended by us. 3559 Central Parkway Dublin Ca 9/10/2014 Vinod Viswanathan
Steve is a superhero as far as I am concerned! He successfully help my parents and family sell TWO homes and purchase their new one. And by successfully I mean: - Physically helping my mother and grandmother pack, clean, and clear my grandmother's house into three POD's. - Physically helping my parents pack, clean, and clear my childhood home where my family had lived and accumulated 40+ (!!) years of memories (and junk). - Physically helping my parents and grandmother move into their new home. - Calling, communicating, and making sure everything was going along as best as possible for my parents during the three moves (and sales/purchase) involved and through the entire process! I've never even heard of a Realtor going to such lengths for their client! The amount of time and energy Steve HAPPILY gave to my family through this colossal migration is simply incredible! Not to mention, Steve did it all with a smile, singing, and a few jokes that kept the mood light and productive when things got tough or tense. All other Realtors will have to aspire to this standard. I am spoiled now by Steve's commitment to do his job FAR ABOVE and BEYOND the call of normal duty. Steve is truly a gem in the real estate world and a stand up guy that I would definitely want on my zombie apocalypse A Team... and believe me, I am VERY picky about that! Thank you Steve for all that you have done to make the impossible possible for my family. We all appreciate it ~*very much*~! ~Heather Marie, McMinnvillain #13 McMinnville, Oregon
I could not have asked for a more responsive or professional agent. Mr. Eveleth was able to take on a difficult transaction with kindness and respect, and always kept the process going forward. It was a complete joy working with Mr. Eveleth and do not hesitate recommending him to others. George Loftis 925.895.1013 gloftis@sbcglobal.net
Steve was wonderful every step of the way during our first time home buying experience. He seems dedicated, genuine and caring, with a wealth of knowledge in his field. I trust our investment in his hands completely and will continue doing business with him in the future. Saben Osmunson sosmunson@yahoo.com 925.705.2677
Steve takes his business very serious, he is hard working, has a great attitude, knowledgeable in the local market and friendly personality. I always felt like Steve was looking out for my best interests while working with him. I would recommend Steve to get the job done when it comes to buying or selling a home. Beth Stark-Watkins 209.346.3131
Steve worked with us in listing and selling our house in San Ramon. From the very beginning I was impressed by his market knowledge and down-to-earth working style. He gives good advice that is to the point, yet he leaves enough room for us to think about the issues ourselves and make decisions accordingly. It is very reassuring that we have an agent who knows our thoughts and priorities, gives detailed analysis that addresses our concern, and execute flawlessly throughout the process. My wife and I are very satisfied with the result and we highly recommend Steve to those who want to buy/sell property in the area. Genghong Chan genghong@gmail.com 512.870.8243
Steve completed a very difficult and complex transaction on my behalf and was able to work effectively with all the relevant parties. His team was very professional and worked patiently to conduct the necessary steps keeping everyone informed as each one was completed. He was very encouraging throughout and his team was very well coordinated and experienced. Steve consistently went above and beyond the call of duty on multiple occasions and I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking for a well qualified dedicated agent that will work with you to get the job done. David Eikel davideikel@gmail.com 650.740.3868
Steve was wonderful when I had to short sell my condo. He was always there when I had any questions and very thorough with the explanation, since it's not always easy to understand the process. Even more of a HUGE favor was the end of my move, he completely assisted me in helping me move and it was greatly appreciated! He was always there with a smile and I appreciated his outgoing and positive attitude. THANKS Steve! Monique Vasco monique.vasco@yahoo.com 1.510.459.4524
Two years ago, I responded to a craigslist ad about a lease to own property. Over the next two years, after many many emails, and texts, lots of questions and concerns, a cancer diagnosis that almost eliminated home ownership as an option all together, our journey has finally come to an end. Steve Eveleth did everything in his power to make us home owners. He never gave up on us, no matter how rough our road got. Thank you Steve, for being the best realtor in Livermore, and for being an all around great guy! I mean, how many realtors out there show up to your childs cancer fundraiser, and bring him a juicer to try and help him beat the beast!!! You were brought into our lives for a reason. Thank you so much for seeing this through for us, and thank you for tolerating all my ranting and panicking! You kept me grounded through this, and that's not easy to do! You and Claudia, as well as your support team, are truly the best. I can't say it enough, Thank you! Signed, Angie Denton, NEW HOME OWNER!! Yey!!! Angie Denton 1.510.755.2693 adenton143@yahoo.com
Simply said, Steve is THE agent you want. Let me tell you why... I have used Steve three times over the last five years and there are many reasons that I keep going back to him. The last time (November 2012) he helped us in the purchase of a house in Livermore. I can't speak for areas outside of Livermore, but if you are looking to purchase or sell your home in Livermore - he knows Livermore inside and out and his knowledge alone of current prices, trends, good/less desirable areas is priceless. Another big thing to consider is how does the agent represent himself and is he well liked/received by the other agents. You want the agent that has a good working relationship with many of the other brokers and again, Steve is that guy. On several homes we were interested in, Steve was able to call the seller's agent directly and get the "inside scoop," which helped us in making a decision on whether it was a good listing and/or whether nor not we wanted to make an offer. Steve was helpful in assisting us in making a strong offer and even after our offer was accepted, Steve was there to make sure things that needed to get done got done. Even when the seller dragged his feet on getting everything out of the house, Steve personally went to the house and helped the seller move, making two dump runs and moving out the rest of his belongings, so we could move in. This wasn't like a 30 minute ordeal. Try over four hours. Now....let me ask you this. How many other agents do you know of who have rolled up their shirt sleeves and got dirty, doing "whatever it takes" to make sure you are taken care of? Sure, alot of people say "I'll do whatever it takes. But do they? Steve does. Like I said, THIS is the agent you want. Thanks Steve! Mark Pickett mark_13@att.net 925.789.0050
Steve is a really dedicated and helpful Realtor. I've been impressed from day one of his efforts with my short sale even though he has to travel far and I have moved away. He's had to deal with crazy neighbors, fallen trees, and hauling a bunch of junk down about 60 steps over and over. I couldn't have kept this short sale going without Steve. None of the Realtor s I'd worked with in the past cared as much as Steve about my situation and the difficulties of handling these things when you have no other help. I would highly recommend Steve Eveleth if (heaven forbid) anyone I knew had to go through a shortsale or foreclosure. Tami Sweet tsweet344@hotmail.com 925.785.7962
My husband and I were thrilled to recently re-enter the real estate market after a couple of years and a couple of bad investments. We got the impression Steve Eveleth is an agent who is "in the game", ready to purchase, sell, invest, flip...you name it. We wanted an agent who eats, sleeps and breaths real estate - we believe Steve is that agent! After a brief conversation with him, we were ready to move forward. We found the properties we put offers on, and really hoped to be the easiest clients Steve had ever come across. After being those "stubborn" buyers in the first purchase attempt, we were extremely pleased that Steve did not push us to bump our offer when it was declined by the bank (short sale) - we know many agents would just want the sale and at least try to "reason" with us for a bit (...it IS their job, so we sort of expect it). That said, Steve respected our very firm decision. Honestly, it was such a relief! I'm sure some of you out there can appreciate that... On the same day that we refused to counter the bank, we surprised Steve with request for another offer...on the property that is now ours! Unfortunately, the listing agent proved to be a bit difficult throughout the transaction process. Steve and my poor mortgage banker beared the brunt of the not-so-wonderful personal interactions along the way. Steve remained positive and his integrity (not a word I throw around casually!) was proven without a doubt throughout the ordeal. He always seemed genuinely interested in making this transaction as painless and stress-free for us. For this, we cannot thank him enough. Steve ensured that extra debris left over from the previous owners would be cleaned up, and true to his word, he took care of everything. He also has a moving truck to help his clients out. Who else does that or can even offer such a thing?! We will be renovating our new home for the next couple of months and are thrilled to take advantage of his offer for a complimentary dump run! He even replaced something semi-valuable that was stolen from the property without question versus making a big deal about. The list of "extras" goes on and on... For anyone shopping around for an agent to represent you, if you want someone who has a great relationship with other local agents and brokers (indescribably valuable!!), a hard-working, dedicated, personable, and notably positive person with an absolute passion for the industry, Steve Eveleth the your man. He truly has lived up to our greatest expectations and beyond. The bottom line is, as a buyer OR seller, you already know *EVERY* possible edge you can take advantage of in this market is imperative. Steve has "extras", both tangible and intangible, to offer his clients that we simply could not find in other agents. Contact Steve Eveleth to find out what those extras could be for your transaction!! Erica Nunes ericamnunes@gmail.com 925.337.9767
My husband and I have been looking for a home to raise our growing family for more than 5 months. Not having very good luck with our previous realtor we contacted Steve. From the very beginning he was very positive and encouraging. He is dedicated to his clients and will do whatever it takes to get his clients a house. We are currently under contract on our first house and Steve has made the process thus far so smooth. He has been there every step of the way and answers all our questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is planning on buying and/or selling their home. Jacob Stone jstone@ivsn.org 510.585.8196
I cannot say enough about Steve Eveleth and his expertise in helping me find a home. Steve really took the time to pre-qualified me, and then helped me find the perfect home! He was so patient with me and all of the particulars of my needs. He always answer all of my questions (i had tons of them). He was right there with all the last minute details too! I don't know what i would have done without him. Demmy Crompton (Livermore Home Owner) 925.548.8739
I recently used Steve Eveleth as my agent to sell my house in Livermore. I contacted him and he immediately responded with my best interests in mind. He had an open house and my place sold withing 4 days on the market for full asking price!! The entire transaction steve was very helpful, meting inspector, appraisal and always keeping me updated on information. I am a bit of a stress case and he handled my questions very well. I give Steve 5 stars and would recommend him to anyone. Daniel Cardwell dcardwell@sierrafence.com 925.895.2283
When looking for a great real estate agent I go for intelligence, kindness, and character. Mr. Eveleth has all of those qualities. He holds his business and himself to a high degree of integrity. This honest approach is what makes him the first go to person in any kind of real estate transaction or question that I may have. I highly recommend his services. Thank you Steve! Lena Chin -Hash 925.895.6065 lenacoconuthut@yahoo.com
Where can I begin? Steve is one of the hardest working agents I know. Not only that, he has morals, integrity and helps people out when they need it most!! He's even got a moving truck that his clients can use to move in!! How cool is that? Even better, I know that he donates his personal time to helping people out with his truck! He has an infectious positive attitude and is strong enough to help you load your refrigerator! Highly recommended in my book. Thanks for everything Steve! Lisa Green 925.895.7535 lisasparkplug@comcast.net
We would strongly recommend Steve to any potential clients. We were interested in buying but did not have a short term deadline, and wanted the right combination of price, location, and home features. Steve struck the right balance between keeping the process moving forward, patience, and persistence. While some realtors can get pushy or impatient, Steve was always respectful of our needs and wishes, while at the same time keeping market realities in the forefront. His concern is for the client - not just to close a sale. He advised against considering an offer on several homes, knowing they didn't fit our needs. We completely trusted that he had our best interests at heart. He was responsive and available - in person, on the phone, and by email. He reworked his schedule several times to be able to show us a property. He has a tremendous knowledge of the local market, especially Livermore. He's very tuned in to the complete range of sales in today's market - regular, bank owned, short sales, etc, and how each of those impacts the sales process. He also brings a range of expertise that's rare in the realtor world. You may have seen the TV show "Property Brothers", where one brother is a realtor and another a home renovator. Steve is like both rolled into one. He can look at a home that needs some renovation, assess its potential, know what can be done, roughly how much it will cost, and what it will mean to the value of the home. He can quickly gauge the overall quality of construction and any improvements, and identify potential problem areas. He also exhibits great relationship skills, not only with his clients, but others in the process (agents, buyers/sellers). His interactions are not forced or phony, but based on a genuine respect for all involved. He's always friendly, personable, and a pleasure to work with. Frank & Louann Spindler 925.484.3349 fespindler@comcast.net
So I work for a local inspection company and have my choice of a zillion Realtor's. I ended up choosing Steve. One of the reasons I chose him was because of his "out going" personality & genuine care for my needs not just to close a deal. Steve is a real go getter! My house was on the market all of 1 week and Steve was amazing to work with. We actually developed a really cool kind of friendship through this and I would recommend Steve to anyone looking to buy or sell. We had several offers and Steve guided me through all of it. If anyone can get it done it is Steve Eveleth! Susan Diaz 925.321.4484 susiendiaz@yahoo.com
I met Steve through a mutual friend at 24 hour fitness in P-town 2 years ago, whom he helped to find nice house close to downtown Livermore. I was not sure initially about his methods as he seemed a little too much lift and not enough listen. So i patiently kept looking with my real estate agent in Danville and kept an eye on many online resources, Zillow, MLS, Redfin, Trulia, email blasts from everyone and quietly listening to everyone i know. You all know the drill. To my biggest surprise, Steve's Facebook page became my one biggest and quickest resource for questions and answers. He asks the questions everyone wants to know, he adds the answers he knows but has over 1000 friends and contacts on his page who all add in their knowledge and expertise. His communication is genuine, smart and immediate. He has answered all my questions in a timely fashion, and to my surprise, when he doesn't know an answer, will post it on the FB page and get 20 to 30 comments discussing the question. I have really learned to respect his work ethic, feel he is caring and genuine, but most of all he is transparent, and for me this is crucial. I never want to be pushed into a condo sale, and with Steve, his methods will never allow it. You have 100% honesty and transparency along with 1000 of his closest colleagues looking out for your interests. Always get both sides of the questions and make my own decision. I am not sure if i can afford a condo bc of what is happening in the market, now but i know Steve will be helping me get one if i can as my other agent seemed more concerned with showing me condos, rather than answering my questions. I trust Steve and more than that, I trust his methods. Just my $0.02. Raj A
Steve was the perfect person to guide us through the process of buying our first home. He is not only friendly and easy to be around but an expert in his field. He always makes himself available and continually updated us through the process. As first time home buyers we were new to the home buying process and Steve and his team were there every step of the way, walking us through the process and giving advice as needed. Steve helped us to navigated a tricky short sale and buy the home of our dreams. I would recommend Steve to my family and friends and I wholeheartedly recommend him to you. He is an invaluable resource and will do whatever it takes to make your home ownership dreams come true. Thank you Steve for all of your hard work, we couldn't have done it with out you! Brent Burdios 925.519.5733 brent.burdios@yahoo.com
Steve is one of the most dedicated, hard-working agents that I have ever met. As a licensed California Real Estate broker, and an investor, I have worked with many different agents, and can say that Steve is top-notch. Always returns your emails/phone calls right away, and always keeps you in the loop of what is going on. Lastly, I recently had a real estate need outside CA (buying property in NV) and intuitively turned to Steve for a connection over there. He went above and beyond on this favor I asked him - putting me in touch with a loan agent, a fellow Realtor, and making sure everything was going smoothly along the way. I cannot thank him enough! Tommy Noonan San Francisco Ca 1.415.233.5454 tmnoonan@gmail.com
We are currently using Steve Eveleth to purchase a home that is a "Short Sale".Before we even selected this home,Steve informed us of the current housing market status.He thoroughly informed us of the different scenarios-Shorts,REO,for Sale by Owner etc. Steve is providing as good a service as any realtor has provided us.This will be my wife and I fourth home purchase, but our first time using Steve Eveleth. We went on at least 3 different outings to see multiple listings each time,and Steve was very patient,as we were looking for specific features LaShawn Burton lburton@bhlinc.com 1.510.219.7999
My husband and I were referred to Steve by a friend/co-worker who had purchased a home through him this past fall. Since our friend has extremely high standards, I knew a referral from her was going to be good. I did not expect that Steve would far exceed all of my expectations!! Steve is dedicated, hard working, knowledgeable, and totally on top of it! He is supportive and honest and follows through to the very end. We took a chance and put an offer on what I considered our "long-shot" house. To my amazement, Steve worked his communication magic with the listing agent and got our offer accepted!! Unfortunately, we ended up in underwriting hell (no thanks to strict FHA guidelines, an awful appraisal, and a quirky property) and with a seller not willing to budge or give on anything. In an attempt to help us salvage the deal, Steve recommended we switch lenders and work with a local lender whom he had had good results working with. Needless to say, it was just not meant to be, and we ended up cancelling our offer. Not only was Steve supportive and understanding, he agreed that we had made the right decision. Fate must have been on our side because literally the day we decided to cancel our offer on the 1st house, we found another listing that piqued our interest. Steve made some calls (even though the poor man was sick with food poisoning!! Talk about dedication to your clients!!) and found out that offers were due the following morning and we had one shot at looking at the house that night. Steve met us there (feeling awful but with a smile on his face!) for a walk-through and we put in our offer that night!! Low and behold, our offer was accepted! This time around, the entire process was smooth as can be!! Talk about day & night between the two property experiences!! We closed last week and got our keys and my husband and I could not be happier!! Steve was right there with us through to the very end, even making sure we got the fridge back when it was mistakenly moved out by the prior owners! We really can't say enough great things about Steve! We'll be recommending him to anyone who asks us for a realtor whether they are buying or selling. We also won't be using any other realtor in the future, other than Steve. Joe Ladner 1.623.570.7240 tacjoe@gmail.com
We worked with Steve to sell our father, who had passed away 5 years ago, house. We had been lagging and dreading doing this, and now I am glad we did because we found the perfect realtor to help us. I can't imagine getting this done without his help and expertise. Working with Steve made the process painless and easy. He exceeded our expectations in every way. Steve new exactly what we needed and was super proactive throughout the whole process. I am beyond happy to have this sale behind us and will definitely use Steve again, if I am in need of a realtor. Steve was great to work with, I highly recommend him. Nicole Greer 1.408.242.6279 nicole.greer@yahoo.com
Steve was very professional from first contact. Our mortgage and escrow had some bumps, but I always felt that Steve had my back. From browsing properties, to making offers, all the way through until escrow closed, I knew I made a good choice in choosing working with Steve Eveleth. I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone looking to buy a home in the Livermore area. Joseph Gregory 209.403.6301 joe3@gregoryhub.com
The BEST realtor we could have chosen. My husband and I are in our early 70s. We decided to move back to our home town to be closer to my 92 year old mother and other family members who live in the area. After retaining Steve but before we could get the move done my mother had a stroke that facilated her moving in with us asap. We took her in and decided to go ahead with the move as planned and also since it was evident that my mother would not be able to live alone any longer we decided to put her house on the market rather than be landlords for her property. With my mother's agreement we gave him the job of selling her property also even though it was 30+ miles away and WOW it sold in a flash. Then we needed to get her house emptied and her things stored in record time while at the same time dealing with our own home that was in the process of being sold. As I said we are both in our 70s and not in such great health. Steve stepped in, brough two workers to help load my mother's belongings at his own expense into portable pod units we rented and actually PHYSICALLY helped us move my mother's things into the units where it all was to be held in storage until we got our place sold which happened not long after he helped us move her things. In the mean time he brought us strapping tape and boxes that he had in his garage to get us started on packing our own home up. He kept us informed through the whole process of selling my mother's home and our own. He gave an amazing BBQ for other realtors to show off our house at the beginning of the open house and quickly brought us the bids to consider. He got us a great deal that gave us plenty of time to find a new home, time to get that new home purchased and plenty of time to pack up 40 years worth of stuff to move. AND on top of all of that expertise, again he is going to physically help us move all our stuff (and after 40 years of living in one place we have plenty) into our new home in Concord and has promised to give us a housewarming BBQ at his cost when we are settled. He has become a friend in this move as well as the best damn realtor we could ever have hoped to find. He goes out of his way to be helpful. He was right there ready to answer any of our questions and concerns and was on top of what was happening with all of the homes involved, our old one, the new one and my mother's. He was absolutely totally concerned with getting us the very best deal he could find and helped us find and seal the deal on our new home in record time. We saw it one day, put in a bid that same night and the next day he came over with a big smile on his face that told us the house was ours. Yaaaa Steve! He gave excellent advice on how to sell our old home and how to win the bid for our new home. We were very fortunate to have him as our realtor. As far as we are concerned he is the Number 1 realtor in the Valley, if not the state. Thanks, Steve for being the great, caring realtor that you are. No one can go wrong having Steve Eveleth as their realtor. Great Job! Steve & Trudy Shelby 925-455-6915 sold 1790 Elm St Livermore California 2/20/201

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