when people ask what is it you want in life? Most answer with things like: i want to be happy or I want my kids to be happy or my husband or wife to be happy...some joke like well, i need a new car or a better job or more money........i just realized something when i woke up today and that is if we can somehow figure out how to be happy, content, satisfied, secure, content , have faith and gratitude, compassion understanding, selflessness and "feel the love" IN THE MOMENT, and the easy part of doing that is just doing it "in the moment" right here, right now, i have everything i need to be ok. Everything is ok. Often times I try to manufacture a feeling of what I think it feels to be happy or I'll try to create an image of what happiness looks like, stop! It cant be done that way!! Its when we start projecting into tomorrow, comparing ourselves to our friends and neighbors, regretting and feeling shame from the past so trying to make up for it now, feeling entitled to things cause don't you know who i am or how hard I work? Question decisions we make or have make or dreading making the right choices in the future......isnt that exhausting??? Stop! All these things create blocks and actually stop us from feeling free, and being happy in the moment, they are counter productive!! The biggest thing I do is future trip about my future or I'll start fortune telling about the future or reliving my past and trying to make it the here and now or make it my future. IT CANT BE DONE!!! All we have is this moment, right here, right now, everything is what it is and things are what they are. Accept the present, embrace it and immerse yourself in this moment right now and know you and everything around you for right now is OK! Accept the present moment as your friend. Relax. Everything is going to be OK ! Once we learn to master this we can tap into full presence and enlightenment in the present moment of peace and happiness and it will just keep getting better from there! Enjoy your day! Bam! (some deep stuff from steve )