I think I just set a record for an escrow fall out to back in contract, little less than 45 minutes and im not joking! Buyer emails me to let me know she needs to cancel because the property is not in the right school district (don’t even get me started on that but that was her excuse, there no excuse for checking on what school district a home is in after you’ve negotiated and have been in contract for 3 days on!!) What’s so crazy about this market is buyers are so use to getting outbid, rejected, writing offer after offer, paying way over asking bid after bid after bid that when they finally make the right moves and be as aggressive as they need to be and have a good agent that does everything right and everything lines up and they get it, they get cold feet, think they paid too much and don’t want it! Its like the chase of dating you finally get what you want and, well, you know!  So moving on, I send her the cancellation, talk with the sellers and they want to go back on market with an INCREASED price now so I say ok and email 6 of the previous agents who had offers in and two of them respond immediately. One get cocky and says well Steve looks like the highest price isn’t always the best, before I could respond , another agent email comes in at full new asking price and says “we’ll take it”. So MLS is BOMK and right back to pending in about 45 minutes. Only downfall is the first go around was my buyer L booooooo oh well onward we go highs and lows of making those deals happen. Bottom line is sellers only lost about an hr of down time before we have an even better offer and back in contract. If I was one of those ego maniac agents I would pat myself on the back but the reality is that’s the kind of smoking hot market we continue to be in! Bam! http://www.580homesales.com/