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When choosing a Real Estate professional to work with one of the key factors to evaluate these days is the agent’s online reviews. 90% of buyers and sellers go online when starting their home search BEFORE they contact an agent. Buyers and sellers do more homework and due diligence now online on an agent before choosing one thanks to the readily available information so easily accessible simply typing in the agents name your prospecting. Its also helpful to find a search site that is ACCURATE showing what homes are available and what’s sold and pending. Many sites like Zillow, Trulia,, Red fin, are misleading and frustrating to the public due to spotty, limited or inaccurate information. Below are my online reviews along with a link to a site ive built that is updated on the hour with the most relevant and accurate home search inventory and availability of homes on the market in the Tri Valley area along 580 & 680 right at your fingertips. Enjoy the sites and always do your due diligence on agent reviews before choosing one! Have a great day!

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