457 N O new Livermore listing on a 7500 sq ft lot. Fixer. T4N Zoning. Multiple units possible or add on in law. This is a good one for a build or fix and flip. Not much around Livermore for $350k. The north side of Livermore is a GREAT place to invest or purchase and live. As Livermore keeps getting more and more desirable, what use to be a questionable area to some is becoming a smart opportunity for others. North side livermore is def on its way up with folks moving in and rehabing, upgrading properties like crazy. In a few years just watch how desirable it becomes:) http://maxebrdi.paragonrels.com/publink/default.aspx?GUID=29f3f855-5384-4b05-be78-f3aacf540812&Report=Yes