well i guess the market is a little more than "still hot" on the low priced listings. Put a home on last night in concord for even on a busy st needs alot of work, getting hammered ever since 20 minutes after putting it on the MLS at 9pm last night....oh boy this is ganna be a hot cake. The good news is the sellers will be happy , the bad news is all these poor agents doing all this footwork and all wanting it. I love all the excitement on these low priced deals but feel bad for all the agents doing the work and all their clients wanting a home. And then all these all cash investors, its unbelievable how much cash there is out there right now with investors and real estate, I think they have their own printing press at the federal reserve seriously. In a nutshell folks, the market is not cooling off unless you consider 2 offers instead of 20 cooling off......i predict a 10% gain this year in prices across the board in the desirable areas.http://www.580homesales.com/