Why do i chuckle so much when I here and see the "real estate" ads on how to become an expert flipper making millions in your "spare time". Oh and I love this one "use other peoples money" not a dime out of your pocket. I just cringe when I hear them!


I feel like standing at the front door with a sign that shows the number of investors out there per actual flip with any kind of decent margin and all the shark infested waters they have to get through to land a deal.


I think they should include some before and after pictures of how everyone looks before and after a few transactions of flipping a house once the IRS, the hard money lender, the agents, the contractors, the resale after its done, the numbers you "think" your going to make and the real "cost" and time of doing it........instead of the picture of the big yacht with all the woman on it with the cool guy with the sunglasses lol.....does anyone actually fall for that stuff and think its reality?


If so call me and I'll set you straight and tell you the real stories and what it really takes to be successful at it.


Dont get me wrong there is large coin to be made in flipping houses but the chances of it happening part time from a weekend seminar and no experience in real estate are probably about the same odds as a stranger walking up and handing you a $100 dollar bill.