In light what you may here, Livermore Ca is doing really well with stabilizing prices and a continued consistent month over month home sale trend. There are still lots of buyers out there the only difference is they are taking their time making decisions and submitting offers. We are seeing an average of 2-4 weeks on the market instead of 2-4 days as we were in spring. We're also seeing a more level playing field between buyers and sellers, meaning the sellers no longer "get it all" on a silver platter. They may have to negotiate their price, do some repairs and may not get multiple offers, not will buyer compete or remove all their contingencies. Is the market tanking? IMO absolutely not. Are is entering a more normalized market? I believe so. Will prices continue to go down? Maybe a little. Is this a window of opportunity for buyers. Yes. Is it to late for sellers to have missed the boat: IMO: No they just need to adjust their expectations, adjust their sale price down about 5% from last Spring and be open to negotiations on every level with a buyer if they want to get their home sold. If you'd like to talk shop and are not currently engage with another Realtor feel free to call me , I would be happy to stop by your home and meet you. Happy Holidays . Steve Eveleth 925-487-2246