Offer accepted as written, no counter for my buyers on 714 Redbud Dr Livermore. First offer written, house shopping for 1 week after their pre-approval.

Tips from Steve Eveleth Livermore Ca Real Estate Services for agents in getting their offers accepted: 
1) Make sure your offer package is COMPLETE (missing pages, missing buyer signatures, missing agent signature at end of contract, unchecked boxes that are relevant and standard in the County your buyer lives in). 
2)Double check, triple check your offer. A sloppy offer says sloppy escrow and sloppy agent in the eyes of a listing agent. 
3) Tighten up your contingency dates (not to short dont over promise and under deliver) even though the new contract states 21 days default on loan and appraisal that is usually way to long and if your connected with a good lender they should be able to get the appraisal done and loan approved in 12-14 days. Tighten up the inspection contingency to 5-10 days. One thing I do when I submit an offer and im fairly certain its going to get accepted, I will call the inspection company and schedule a time asap for the inspections so your ready and if your offer doesn't get accepted just call and cancel them. 
4)Attach a nice family letter with a picture tot eh seller (shows you took some extra time and its personal). 
5)Have the buyers lender call the listing agent personally at the same time you submit your offer to introduce themselves and ensure a smooth closing! 
6) don't write a low ball offers (we are not in that kind of market) unless you've had a discussion with the listing agent first about it. A low ball offer simply puts a bad taste in a listing agent and sellers mouth and hard to move up to palatable terms from there.
7) Don't be afraid to call the listing agent personally don't hide behind email and text when your about to embark on a 30 day marriage, most appreciate a real phone call to start so they know they are dealing with a professional.