59 houses on the market today in Livermore California. Its been about 18-20 months now of inventory in Livermore staying consistent at 50 to 70 homes on the market at all times. This indicates supply and demand is staying consistent. Supply and demand, which can be effected by interest rates influences increase or decrease of inventory on MLS. Increase or decrease of inventory on MLS can indicate a shifting market. So far that has not happened. Its still  a sellers market with multiple offers, some above asking, some right at asking and once in a while a little under but rare. As long as interest rates stay reasonable I feel confident we'll see a conservative 10% gain this year in Livermore. Livermore California really is its own market and might I add a little gold mine at that! Unlike san ramon, ptown, danville, fremont, South Bay, SF, many of those areas have been at a premium for a while, kind of "capped out" but stilling on an upward trend. Livermore on the other hand has as much or more to offer and has always been kind of the "underdog" town, leaving more room to come up! Go Livermore! Bam! http://www.580homesales.com/web/AR470747/ListingSearch/load_saved_search/?ss_id=5255498&nav_page_id=6514799