When you look at cost per sq ft, amenities the Livermore luxury homes have to offer, one may be surprised at the new high of Livermore California luxury homes. Its been said that luxury homes are the first to come down and the last to go up in price in a shifting market. At this current time we are not seeing that be the case which continues to be a sign the Livermore luxury home market continues to thrive. This past weekend I was out with buyers shopping in the $1,250,000 range. There were only 5 properties to look at. Just like the entry level market, the higher end market lacks inventory as well. Eager buyers paying over asking, short offer cutoff dates, quick pending signs up and multiple offers are the name of the game when a turnkey luxury Livermore home is priced right. 10 years ago, Livermore California was looked at by many as “way out there in Livermore” and always lagged behind the most desirable areas like Pleasanton, San Ramon, Danville ect…..not so much the case now! The best bang for your buck for a luxury has many eyeing Livermore as “the hot spot” of the Bay Area. My hunch tells me in 2-3 years Livermore will be just as desirable in the luxury homes areas as any other in the Bay Area. If your comparing apples to apples, it’s clear to see the Livermore California housing market is an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re in the market to purchase a luxury home in a great area and wonderful town. Take a look for yourself and compare luxury home prices and amenities below.


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