Today there are 72 homes on the market for sale in Livermore Ca. The lowest price is about $220k for a starter condo up to the high end luxury estate of several million. In the past 60 days there has been 142 pendings and solds in Livermore , that’s about 2.3 homes per day selling. If inventory all of a sudden come to a stop, meaning no homes were to come on the market, we are at about a 1 month supply of Livermore housing inventory. This is not pretty thin! With Livermore offering so much in the way of opportunity for homebuyers it’s not hard to understand what all the hype is about! It makes perfect sense as to why inventory is tight and desirable factors trump any kind of “on the fence” market spectators when it comes to making a decision to purchase a home in Livermore California. With low interest rates, an improved economy and so many wanted amenities by most, Livermore does a perfect dance whenever you hear “best bank for your buck” and “location location location”. Livermore California Real Estate agent Steve Eveleth 925-487-2246