Livermore inventory on the rise but pendings  solds  keeping up the same  pace! Its interesting to watch the pace of pendings parallel the rise in actives. This says the market still has plenty of steam. In a transitioning market, the numbers of actives will start rising and the number of pendings and solds will decrease. Today there is currently 114 homes on the market active in Livermore. Up about 20%in the past month from previous months. 60-90 actives was the norm for about a 2 years straight. Many folks have been watching the market "timing their move" waiting for it to come back up or thinking this is the top of the market and cashing out. But just as they are doing so, a new foundation of investors, first time buyers and buyers re entering the market are snatching them right up, than you very much!

In multiple offer situation which has been the landscape the past couple years, if there are 3-5 ready willing and able buyer per entry level home and obviously only one offer gets accepted, that means there are 3-4 buyers still out there shopping. So given that, In my opinion, an increase of inventory in a multiple offer supply and demand constraining market means absolutely nothing as far as any signs of a major market shift. 
Now one thing we do want to keep an eye on is rates, which have slightly been on the rise this past week, but again, even with rates rising a bit, lets say 1 or 2 buyers were priced out due to rising rates but 1-2 per home on the market can still afford it, we still have a balanced, moving market. 
Bottom line too is the population is increasing faster than there are enough houses. People have two choices when they need to find a place to live. Rent or buy that's it. Places to buy are scarce and places to rent are scarce so housing in general is in a supply and demand crisis. 
There is a lot of $$$ out there right now in the Bay Area coming out of the woodwork and California Real Estate without a doubt, for now, is the drug of choice! Got yours? By  Steve Eveleth Livermore Real Estate Expert.