Livermore California without a doubt is a hotspot for Bay Area homebuyers. Livermore has often been coined “out there” meaning far from the San Francisco or Silicon Valley areas. Now more than ever most are realizing in fact Livermore Ca is an explosive hidden secret with so much to offer and only getting more desirable by the day! With space to breathe, room to build, mountain ranges to lakes to wineries to a “leave it to beaver” downtown. Some of the Livermore Ca downtown hotspots to eat at are Sauced, Paxis Pizza, First St Ale House, Unkle Yu’s, Kawa Sushi to name a few.  Folks are flocking to Livermore with gratitude and enthusiasm, thrilled to have made the move. For those with kids, Livermore schools are top ranked and Livermore also have several charter schools available. Bottom line is Livermore is an open hand of options and opportunity. Livermore has character, charm, friendliness and an all encompassing spirit of down to earth people who welcome new arrivals!

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