With spring just around the corner many buyers are poised to make a move toward homeownership, and historically spring is the time where more inventory is available and qualified buyers get into action. This is also a time when sellers make their moves as well. Many are questioning this time in the market wondering is it simply that time of year or have we overshot a high in the past 2 years and is increased market inventory the start of a cool down or more balanced market between buyers and sellers.  upgrading, downsizing, relocating, buying a investment property or occasionally I come across buyers who have gained substantial equity in the past couple years who have decided to simply “cash out” and rent for a while if they have the flexibility and investor mentality of buy low sell high. Many different moves and motivations are being played right now with buyers and sellers. Investors continue to move aggressively on the “deals with a margin” however since the major drawback in short sales and REO’s there is much less opportunity for investors which means when a decent deal with a margin hits the open market its literally a “investor feeding frenzy”. Many of the investors that worked off the court house steps, worked with the banks, simply now work off the open market and are often times beat out themselves by first time buyers or buyers that plan to live in the home and fix up gradually are simply willing to pay more and since it’s a private seller in most cases they are willing to work with many different options, more or less whatever brings them the higher net proceeds is the trumping offer in the mix. It will be an interesting year for the Livermore California housing market. Please contact me if you would like to have a conversation about making a move with your situation today! Thank you for reading my daily blog. Steve Eveleth Livermore California homes for sale, your local Livermore Real Estate service one stop shop.

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