At the end of last year many were scratching their heads, eyeing the market with suspician as to weather a "cooling off period" was on the horizon. At this time we are continuing to see low inventory, interest rates average for the last 12 months, (about 4.25-4.75, anything under 5% should not effect the affordability level say many annalists) and simply put , buyers are continuing to scramble to "get theirs". Multiple offers on many properties still going at full asking or over. AS-is is a common term in most offers. We are also seeing all cash offers coming in on many different price points. From the low priced entry level to high end, i would say from what I see in my local market, about 25 to 30% of offers are all cash. Most of the other offers are 10-20% down or more. Once in a while we'll fee an FHA, VA or 203 rehab loan but those usually don't make the cut in today's market. There are still TONS of flippers out there and long term hold investors simply looking to buy and rent out. The flippers are having a hard time finding properties with decent margins in them because they get beat out by owner occupants and long term investors that will pay full market value as they hold for the long run.  Hang on folks and enjoy the ride and remember, if your in the market for the long run its never a bad time to buy. If your looking to sell and have a "magic number" in mind, its safe to say you might be pleasantly surprised at how close you are if not already there. We are currently at 05-06 home price levels at this time. My prediction is we see a conservative 10% this year in home price increases as long as inventory stays tight and rates don't increase too much too fast. Bottom line is the population is increasing faster than there is enough housing to accommodate creating a bottom line supply and demand issue, along with low rates and stimulated job growth and better economic states all fuel the market on an upward trend for now! GLTA enjoy the ride, up we go , when it stops no one knows! Steve Eveleth 925-487-2246 call or click for a quick response