18 new listings so far coming on tomorrow in Livermore. Pretty typical stuff for middle of February. I expect rates to stay pretty decent as its election year. I predict 10-15% gains this year. (in my opinion and in no way is based on anything factual)

My gut says trump gets in next year and since hes a real estate, business, republican, I cant see him doing anything other than continuing to support even further gains in the next few years to come.

Question is at what point will prices be too high for affordability? Some say now! However, I continue to see a vast source of down payment funds and a solid melting pot of buyers eagar and willing to snatch up properties still just as quick as they go on the market. Many thought we would see a "cooling off" last year and this year. Its certainly not starting off that way. Maybe next year? Until it does buyers and sellers are happy to keep buying and selling with no hesitation or reserves at this time............how long will it last? No one knows.

An older established wise broker told me a long time ago just before the 07 crash, "what goes up must come down". One thing for sure the real estate market is like the stock market, it will go up and it will go down so hang on and enjoy the ride in between!