man this market is popin STILL!!! Multiple offers coming in and phone ringing off the hook on 35 Meritage and 776 Hagemann after 1 weekend of open houses. Looks like a mix of FHA's, 20% down and an all cash or two floating around. So many folks out there trying to get into homes any way they can its crazy.

The last few open houses I held open I noticed something a little different and that is much less traffic but the traffic that does come through are darn serious and write offers immediately. I would say 50% of the buyers that come through write offers. A while back I could have 100 people come through and not get any offers. No rhyme or reason so unpredictable on the best strategy for a seller and listing agent to use in selling a home. Just no way to predict whats going to happen. I've had offer review dates set with no offers and no offer review dates set that get multiple offers in days right away.

I think the best way to do it is list the house right where it should be based on recent comps and let the offers come in and seller respond according to how they want. Every seller has a different stomach for gambling. Some love it some don't want anything to do with it and just want 1 good offer no hassle and get their home sold. other sellers love to play out every last buyer and offer to the fullest which can pay off as well in this market! I've sometimes found if a seller puts to much emphasis on an expectation and specific strategy it can come back to bite them and actually discourage buyers from writing offers right away. At the same time I believe its a good idea to give a new home on the market at least one full weekend of open houses verses accepting an offer the first day or two which could bite a seller as well because something much better could come in the next day!