update on 1192 Apache St Livermore stats:
-6 days on the market.
-4 offers in hand, couple more on their way
-surprisingly most FHA. Out of the FHA's what is interesting is folks had enough to go conventional. I'm a bit perplexed by this. Perhaps folks would rather keep their cash in their pocket and pay MI insurance or has FHA become more competitive with conventional products?
Open house feedback:
About 10-12 groups came through Saturday and 15-20 groups came through Sunday. Sunday was defiantly "the day" for open house traffic. I would say about 30% of the traffic were pre approved aggressive buyers actually in the trenches writing offer. About 30% were out "pre looking" "getting ready to get ready" to purchase in the next 6 months. The remaining 30% were either neighbors or just looky loos.
Where are the buyers coming from?
Several coming from Pleasanton! I am finding more and more folks liking Livermore over Pleasanton. Yep its true. A few are currently renting in Livermore and a few currently own homes in the central valley who now have some equity and coming back this way. A few currently own larger homes and looking to downsize. One couple was coming from Canada for a new job transfer.
So for folks who wonder what the markets going to do: who knows! One thing for sure is there are still way more buyers TODAY than inventory. I believe Livermore still has and will continue another round of a "shot in the arm" for prices. Yes, meaning going up. I believe Livermore is becoming just as desirable as Pleasanton, Dublin, SR and Danville slowly but sure.