yep its official...........lots of inventory coming on even AFTER yesterday for brokers tour. I would say 95% of the time agents list properties on tues or wed each week to make the tour on thurs. When I see 6 more properties coming on the market AFTER tour between yesterday and this morning it tells me there is a ton of scrambling around out there with sellers and listing agents listing properties "hurry hurry hurry" just get it on the market mentality. I also have spoke with some other collegues in the industry and they are advising their clients to wait until Sept to list to get over the "mid summer slump". Whenever we see inventory start to surge like this, naturally buyers take a step back when they have options. Interesting times ahead in the next few months. Is it a temp mini summer slump OR the start of a semi long "cooling off period" for the Livermore Real Estate market? Only time will tell. Comments and questions welcomed! Have a great day!