When it comes to the Livermore Ca housing market no one can deny it’s the flame that simple won't go out. From first time buyers to savvy investors you see it all with this current market inferno.  

There’s no shortage of cash as most offers are that of significant down payments and all cash is very common. Livermore Ca Real Estate agents stand poised on every corner often placing sale pending signs within the first few days of being on the market.

Livermore Ca homes for sale are catching the eyes of many spilling out from Greater Bay Area and Silicon Valley’s ready to bid aggressive often times going over asking with minimal or even no contingencies.

How long will it last and what's to come in the future Livermore market place is anyone's guess but for now it's real and standing strong with a solid foundation of well qualified buyers excited to become long term future home owners, the way of the American Dream is once again becoming true for many!

Thanks for reading.

Steve Eveleth