Once in a while no matter how good things start off , one gets away! 522 Andrews St fell out of escrow due to a pool filled in with permits but the buyer wanted the option to build something on top of it in the future.

This is why its so important to have your sellers fill out ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about the property even if it was long ago. And in a perfect world, have the disclosures available and have the buyer review them BEFORE they write an offer, even though, the contract allows a seller up to 7 days (unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties before contract is executed) to provide all reports and disclosures to the buyer.

On the flip side of the unfortunate fall out for the buyer and the seller, we slide right back into contract with a back up offer for slightly more than the offer that fell out, thanks to a hot sellers market and a multiple offer situation with this particular property. One of the original offers that got bumped asked to be put in back up position.

So in this case the seller is down about two weeks of time but also gaining a higher sales price from back up offer, in light of two week set back, which in this case the sellers were not in a hurry to go anywhere so everything worked out in their favor, again, all thanks to a hot sellers market.