latest update on Livermore inventory and current market conditions. Sorry folks I have been so busy working on transactions ive had the liberty to slack on my marketing! So here it is: 177 homes currently on the market. Thats about double from this time last year. However, in light of the doubled inventory, the numbers of pendings (anout 1.5 per day) has stayed the same. So in a snapshot, the market is still moving fine. Properties are taking a bit longer to sell (about 2-3 weeks average) instead of 3-5 days earlier in the year and most of last year, bottom line is we are seeing a transition into a more stable, healthy, balanced market, which I personally feel is a great thing. I love to see both sides (buyers and sellers) both feeling like its a win win, moving into a home or selling a home with equal, fair negotiations that make both parties happy. Bam!