Livermore sold comps past 90 days. The trend seems to reflect same pattern it has for a while......about 1/3 go for asking, 1/3 a little over and 1/3 a little under. The reason for this is due to the seller and listing agent strategy of how the home is priced out the gate. If the home is priced the lowest with the most to offer it will capture all the buyers in that price range. If its right where it should be with what it has to offer and a buyer has options it may sit a few weeks and get the asking price. If its priced higher than other comparable s with less to offer it may sit for 5-6 weeks until there is a price reduction. If its priced lower than the last comparable and has more to offer than other com parables on the market it will go quick often times creating a multiple offer situation and may end up over asking.

If your considering listing your home make sure and choose a good LOCAL agent that understands the local market trends. Make sure they convey to you all the different strategies and options on how to price your home out the gate, otherwise you may be stuck in a precarious situation in a unpredictable market.