Did you know? If you have a separate garage structure in Livermore you are now allowed to turn into a legal studio/in law unit? Yep its true! Check this one out being transformed on the corner of North O and Chestnut! Was a two car garage and will soon be a 1 bedroom 1 bath with a full kitchen and dining room.

Turn that old garage into an income producing unit and increase the value of your property big time! In law units are the hot thing right now almost as hot as flipping... properties.

When its all said and done the original house will probably bring around $3,000 and the converted garage to in law unit around $2,000. That's 5k per month income. Not a bad ROI huh?

Call me if youd  like to talk more about doing this with a property you own.

Steve Eveleth Livermore Ca Real Estate Specialist 

925-487-2246 steveeveleth@gmail.com