If you a savvy buyer looking for a deal, Livermore Ca price reductions may land you a bargin. This is a page you'll want to keep handy. The statagy I use with buyers on price reductions is to know when to strike while the irons hot so to speak! In order to land a deal with a price reduction home you must be willing to take a gamble and not attach yourself to any one home with all your heart. Your taking a gamble by waiting to put an offer in, betting that no other buyer will swoop it up before a price reduction and you make your move. In a hot sellers we often start to see price reductions as a sign the market is starting to make a correction OR an over optimistic seller and listing agent put a home on the market based on "future speculated value" based on what the market "has been doing" not what the last comp was or what a ready willing and able buyer is willing to pay today for the home. There is lots to statagys and playing the market if you have a "gamblers mantality" as a buyer. Feel free to contact me if youd like to have a further discussion about how to "land a deal" in today's market.