Just when everything is going perfect with 6480 half dome Livermore California appraisal comes in totally unrealistically low, like way low, bad appraisal. I'm sure we'll get it up but these are the issues a seller can have in an accelerating market where fair market value really is what a ready willing and able buyer is willing to pay not an "opinion" from someone that may or may not know the local market nor even be from the area. Tough thing about a way off appraisal is more chance of the deal falling out. In most cases the seller (in this case an investor) isn't willing to come way down and  a buyer usually isn't willing to come out of pocket way up. So one of 5 things will happen 1) contest the appraisal and help appraiser "figure it out" 2) seller comes down 3) buyer pays out of pocket  4) both buyer and seller meet somewhere in the middle or 5) no deal. Steve Eveleth Livermore California Real Estate agent selling Livermore Ca homes  http://www.580homesales.com/