well the Livermore bank owned and short sales have reached an all time high. There are "0" thats right, none, as in not one! Not one short sale or bank owned home on the market in Livermore. Guess its safe to say the bank owned and short sale days are but a part of history,..........man what a learning experience and curve that was huh???? Buyers trying to get grab them up bought at the perfect time, pain in the butt for sellers walking away from them and a basic short term feeding freezy for others like flippers and the banks and REO agents shoveling in the cash on them...on the flip side most of the agents out there now are excellent people service originated , there were some REO agents i just knew as soon as the market went back to regular sales where they actually had to be nice and provide great ethical service they would be out of the game quicker than slick snot on a door knob lol......bam!http://www.580homesales.com/