Lot of inventory coming on this could get interesting in Livermore. A more balanced market "could" IMO (in my opinion) be on the horizon in the near future if this keeps up. Good stuff for buyers. Sellers cant keep the ball in their court for too long, the real estate game is always changing! I doubt we'll see any crash (unless the middle east really goes on one lol) but really what I think if anything there will be a "cooling off" buyer and seller equal negotiations, buyers not having go crazy over asking, maybe being able to take their time and find a home they love, sellers giving occasional credits or doing some repairs ect........for us agents and brokers what does this mean? It means we work harder at buyer and seller negotiations , making deals happen and keeping them together and keeping both sides happy to close so get ready , our job skill set is always shifting just like the markets!  http://www.580homesales.com/

by Steve Eveleth
Livermore Real Estate Success!
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