Hi ho hi ho its off to show Livermore property I go..............90 homes in Livermore showing active today on MLS. Inventory slightly creeping up from a steady 60 to 80 consistently the past year, year and a half. This time of year generally picks with historically. A little more or less inventory in small increments shouldn't make a statement give or take a few. The signs you want to look for in signs of a market shift is a sudden large increase in inventory or a rapid drop off of solds and pendings which is definitely not the case right now. Multiple offers, full asking price and occasionally over asking is still currently the landscape out there for anything that is priced right. Once in a while you'll see a home sitting on the market for a while and this is more than likely from a unrealistic seller with a "wishful" mindset chasing the market up before its time. Anything priced right is selling within 1-2 weeks on average, thats the market right now in Luvermore! Whats not to love about Livermore Real Estate? Bam! http://www.580homesales.com/web/AR470747/ListingSearch/load_saved_search/?ss_id=5255498&nav_page_id=6514799