This market is so exciting! I get nothing on my 4721 Sandyford Ct listing for 6 weeks than in 2 days 4-5 calls and showings, 1 offer, possibly another in the works, over asking and possibly a multiple offer situation. My best advice to sellers is be patient in this market. Even though buyers are making moves and decisions more cautiously and not being as aggressive on writing offers, there is still limited inventory and more buyers than sellers right now. Average time on the market now is 2-3 weeks. Don't panic if your home isn't selling the first few days or week like 6 months ago. Take your time, its kinda like fishing, don't give up, keep your pole in the water, you may only get some nibbles but eventually you'll get a nice bite! (or two) And if you have a good agent they will know how to handle multiple offer situations getting you the best offer price and best terms for your home!