Complete list of Livermore Ca inventory today. 161 total active homes for sale per mls. What I am seeing in the market: Seems to be starting to transition into a more balanced market. Average selling time is 2-3 weeks. There are more price changes as well and a few back on markets. Buyers are not getting crazy over paying and they will walk away if seller is not reasonable in negotiations is what im seeing. I attribute this to sellers getting a little to optimistic based on the past hyper accelerating market which is cooling a bit now. Pricing strategies should be to list a property no more than the last comp or just a tad under to capture all the buyers shopping in that price range. Coming out the gate over pricing a home thats higher than recent comps based on a super hot sellers market will more than likely leave a seller sitting on the market and chasing the price down to where it should be instead of getting more than they expect pricing it too high. Best stratagy right now IMO: Price the home right at the closest most recent comp or 10k-25k under and your home should sell in 2-4 weeks.