4 offers in on 35 Meritage Common and 4 offers in on 776 Hagemann Dr.

All good offers. Most personalized with nice pictures of the buyers families and letters to seller. One thing I noticed on an offer that was a little unique (ive seen this back in the mid 2000's) is a buyer offering a certain amount over the highest offer up to a cap of a certain amount. This is a great way of doing it so the buyer has the potential to beat out the other offers without throwing to much money at it when it may not be needed. HOWEVER what would happen if two of the same offers came in with this term????!!!

Before I sit down with my sellers I look at little things like how well the offer is written, is it complete, are there pages missing, has the buyer agent taken the time to check the correct boxes standard to our County, how is the agent engaging with me from inception of submitting their offer, are they overly anxiety out, blowing up my phone, trying to control everything when its not necessary yet, has the buyers lender called me to introduce themselves (this is a biggie), is their package complete when they submit or are they all scattered all over the place, do they do what they say they are going to do, whats the relationship with the buyer and the buyer agent,.......ALL these things can be a good indication of what kind of transaction (which is really a temporary marriage for 30 days) the buyers agent is going to be providing me to assist in providing my seller with and I weight heavy on this when I sit down with my sellers when they are considering offers.

so remember buyers and sellers its not always about the highest dollar its about terms, who we are working with, the relationships, the experience of the team as a whole, professionalism, local established reputable, buyer, seller, buyers agent, sellers agent, lender, title that make for a smooth transaction verses a stressful one at the end of the day.

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