2016 Livermore real estate market predictions:

Livermore inventory is really low. 64 homes on the market currently that’s it! One might say that’s because of the seasonal time of year and that is partially true. What this does tell me though is going into spring of 2016 with low inventory, as long as rates stay reasonable, we should have a nice balance throughout 2016 with "normal" movement of buying and selling. I predict a normal market. Not too high, not too low, just a nice flow of buyers and sellers making moves with reasonable negotiations not airing too much on either side for buyers or sellers one way or the other.

The biggest question buyers and sellers want to know is “what do you think prices will do”?

My prediction on prices for next year in my opinion, depend greatly on rates. In most cases prices are impacted on several factors including the economy, inventory and typical buyer emotional trends (if there’s been huge increases buyers tend to back off for a while and sellers all rush to the market) however all this does is cause a surge often times when they’re enter the market. I don’t see that as a major impacting mind set at this time. So if rates stay where they are I predict maybe a 3-5% gain in prices and inventory moving just as it has throughout 2016. I think the buyer market could withstand a .5 to .75 rate increase and still not impact buying and selling much because of strong economic factors. Anything over 1% though I feel could have an impact and create a flat market for 6 months or so.

Please note this is all my opinion and in no way should impact your personal decisions to buy or sell.