lot of calls and showings on 1830 Chestnut listing. $399k with a huge lot close to downtown. Its the lowest priced single family home on the market in Livermore. 1 low ball on the table. Just a matter of time someone will pull the trigger at full price. Its funny how many people call and I can almost predict what they say "is there any flexibility in price" and "it needs a lot of work" and "how motivated is the seller". Its important when you hire a listing agent to sell your home you hire one that has extensive current experience with how the market is today and has their head currently in the game meaning doing at least a few closings a month. How to price the home out the gate, what the competition is, how to talk to the buyers agents and buyers calling is key, along with picking up the phone and taking EVERY call. Nothing is more frustrating to a buyers agent or buyer trying to get information on a home and the listing agent cant pick up the phone. Its a huge issue these days.  How to leverage current market conditions to get a seller the most money for their home without losing potential offers and knowing when the best money might be on the table which may or may not be the first money, without the listing staying on the market too long and becoming stale, is truly an art and a good agent will have this finely tuned.